Gus DiZerega

Gus diZerega

Gus diZerega combines a formal academic training with decades of work in Wicca and shamanic healing with a PhD in Political Theory and extensive teaching and publishing experience in mainstream academia.

He is a Third Degree Elder in Gardnerian Wicca, studied closely with Timothy White, who later founded Shaman’s Drum magazine, and intensively practiced Brazilian Umbanda for six years under Antonio Costa e Silva, as well as integrating it into his own healing work afterwards.  He has given workshops and talks on Pagan spirituality and healing in the United States and Canada as well as organized international conferences and taught internationally in the social sciences.

His Faultlines: The Sixties, the Culture War and the Return of the Divine Feminine, received a 2014 Silver Award from the Association of Independent Publishers. Pagans and Christians: The Personal Spiritual Experience, won Best Nonfiction of 2001 from The Coalition of Visionary Resources. 

His forthcoming God is Dead: Long Live the Gods: The Case for Polytheism will appear in 2020 published by Llewellyn.